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Lending and yield products for the new digital economy. 

OpenTrade enables Web2 and Web3 fintechs to deploy white-labeled and fully embedded yield products for their customers. 

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A technology platform, API, and legal framework for safe, compliant, and scalable lending and yields products that you can embed in your existing applications.
Provide predictable yield on USDC for your existing users with products backed by high quality liquid financial assets
Fully white-labelled solution that can be easily embedded in your existing apps; users never have to leave your platform
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Provides a direct security interest in the underlying collateral, held with regulated  counterparties in bankruptcy remote accounts
Ability to originate and structure a wide variety of assets to meet user demand for new products
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Create a new revenue stream, attract new users, and grow share of wallet with minimal implementation time

Purpose built for Web2 and Web3 Fintechs building for the digital economy.

  • Exchanges

  • Custodians

  • Fintechs

  • Neobanks

  • Digital Wallets

  • Card Provider

  • Payment Companies 

  • Asset Managers 

  • OTC Desks

  • Digital Asset Platforms

  • Protocols

Intersted in learning more?
Read the report and visit our docs. 

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