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About the company

OpenTrade was launched out of stealth in February 2023 with the mission of transforming global credit markets using decentralised, internet-native technologies. We fundamentally believe that the future of financial services and markets rests on public, permissionless, internet-native infrastructure and their ability to make them flatter, smarter, more inclusive, more transparent, and more efficient. Our role in this once-in-a-generation rewiring is to provide institutional borrowers and investors a world-class platform for managing the exchange of credit across private and public markets.

OpenTrade is headquartered in London, UK.  

Meet the team

Our team has a proven track record of success building market leading applications, networks, and platforms for financial services and markets. 

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Dave Sutter
CEO | London

Dave is an experienced fintech entrepreneur and executive who pioneered the application of blockchain and crypto in financial services and markets, starting in his dorm room in 2013 working on the first bitcoin wallet in the iOS app store. Most recently, Dave served as Head of Network Strategy for Centre, a joint venture between Circle and Coinbase that governs USDC. Before that, he served as Chief Product Officer at the Marco Polo Network, the largest blockchain-based b2b network where he built and managed a team of 150 people across several continents.  Over his career, Dave has worked with many of the world's largest financial institutions, technology providers, and corporations on building and scaling market leading blockchain-based applications and networks for payments, trade and supply chain finance, treasury management, and transaction banking 

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Jeff Handler
Chief Commercial Officer | London 

Jeff has spent his entire career in commercial roles for the financial technology industry, specialising in blockchain technology implementations in supply chain finance, payments, and identity. His experience spans across technology startups and consulting firms, including Netki, the Marco Polo Network, Centre, and PwC. Most recently Jeff served as the Solutions Architect for Centre, a joint venture between Circle and Coinbase that governs USDC. Before that he served as the VP of Business Innovation and Global Head of Special Projects at the Marco Polo Network, where he worked on sales and implementation for several large credit facilities with multinational corporations and their supply chains. 
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Tom Niermann
Chief Technology Officer | Palo Alto

Tom is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, and engineering leader who brings a deep understanding of technology and extensive experience in building secure enterprise systems in highly regulated industries. Tom has previously led engineering teams at Google, Meta and a range of successful startups. Most recently, Tom was Software Engineering Leadership at Meta where he led a high performing team on Meta's business products. Before that, He was VP of Product and Engineering at Omniscience, where he built an AI and Machine Learning product for the banking and insurance industries. Tom has a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and currently resides in Silicon Valley California US.
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Michael Harte
Advisor | London & Airbus A380

Michael has several decades experience serving in executive leadership roles at global financial institutions. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer at Santander UK, the Group Chief Operations and Technology Officer for Barclays, and the Chief Information Officer at Commonwealth Bank. In those roles he focused on customer interactions, data, channels, operational resilience, cyber security, along with innovation from strategic investment and partnerships with big tech and early stage / start-ups, universities, government agencies across Europe and around the world. Outside of OPENTRADE, he is an Industry Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and serves as a board director / advisory board member for several venture and private technology funds, providing expertise on identity, privacy, AI, core, edge and cloud computing.
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