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Embedded Supply Chain Finance (Coming soon)

We're making internet-native, on-demand supply chain finance available to businesses of all sizes 24/7/365 from a global network of non-bank funders. 

OpenTrade provides liquidity-as-a-service to b2b networks and systems, including ERPs, accounting software, procure-to-pay networks, AP/AR and invoice automation systems, eCommerce providers, and more. We connect your customers directly to a global network of non-bank funders and provide them with a much faster, cheaper, and more efficient form of payments and working capital finance than exists today with legacy solutions. This is what we call embedded supply chain finance.

Fully embedded in existing b2b networks & systems

API-enabled services mean payments and financing can be embedded in existing interfaces, ensuring businesses do not need to change their existing ways of doing business. 

Seamless onboarding & underwriting

Leverages data from existing systems of records to provide a simple, secure, and fast onboarding and underwriting process.  Get up and running fast and start seeing the benefits.   

Bank-grade security and legal framework 

Built on technology infrastructure that has supported trillions of dollars in transactions. Our bankruptcy remote financing structure and legal framework gives users peace of mind. 

Real-time payments & financing 24/7/365

Real-time, programmable digital payments and financing powered by Circle and USDC. Send and receive payments from existing bank accounts to and from more than 80 countries.

Composable, open-source smart-contracts

Use of composable, open-source smart-contracts and tokenization lowers costs, complexity, and risk and increases transparency and security across the entire transaction lifecycle. 

Build you own products and services on OPENTRADE

We enable b2b networks and systems to build their own payment and financing services on top of OPENTRADE. Differentiate, expand revenue streams, and win deals. 

DeFi for supply chain finance

How does it work?

  • Our intergation layer connects to b2b systems and networks, allowing data and assets to move seamlessly to and from.

  • Businesses request financing from their existing systems & interfaces 

  • Liquidity pools (smart contracts) with specific eligibility criteria including credit rating, currency, jurisdiction, tenor, and more automatically respond to valid requests by sending financing payments to businesses. 

  • As loans are repaid by businesses, principal and interest is automatically routed to the correct liquidity pool. Investors' liquidity pool tokens increase in value. 

  • Our use of Circle and USDC mean payments are made 24/7/365 automatically to and from existing bank accounts when they are due. 

Interested in partnering or learning more about our embedded supply chain finance products?

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