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📣 OpenTrade has announced the launch of its tokenised treasury bill product along with its launch partners. The product is built on the newly unveiled Perimeter protocol developed by Circle Research. Read our Docs to learn more and get started.

Bringing real yields to DeFi

We provide treasurers, fintechs, and institutions access to on-chain structured financial products backed by investment grade financial assets. 

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Institutional grade platform for lending and  yield products. 

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Enabling 3rd parties like exchanges, FinTechs, wallets, and custodians to build institutional grade yield products backed by RWAs

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Enabling investors to build diversified portfolios of tokenized fixed income products for themselves and their customers


Enabling business to request and receive financing from a network of non-bank lenders, embedded in their existing systems

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Providing builders with new, composable forms of digital collateral to power the next generation of financial markets

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All secured with a time tested, bankruptcy remote legal and regulatory framework, operated by regulated investment firms. 

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OpenTrade is built on Circle's DeFi and payments infrastructure.
This gives users the utmost control, transparency, and security.

How it works

Real assets. Real yields. 

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We source  financial assets via a global network of financial institutions and b2b networks and structure them into yield-bearing, on-chain lending products. 

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We provide users access to a secure, intuitive web platform built on Circle’s battle hardened DeFi and payments infrastructure.


Users can deposit USDC and/or EUROC from their own wallets into on-chain loan vaults with specific investment criteria, underlying collateral,  and target yields.


Users receive ERC-20 vault tokens in their own wallets representing their loans. 


Financial assets serving as collateral for loans are held in a bankruptcy remote structure, in segregated accounts with regulated custodians.


To withdraw, users simply redeem vault tokens for the equivalent amount of USDC/EUROC.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch.

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